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Capri Boat Hire Photo Gallery

Pirate themed party on Capri Party Pontoon Pirate gathering during a boat hire on the Gold Coast Friends enjoying their hire boat cruising the canals of the Gold Coast Enjoying a day on the water Party Pontoon for BBQ or cruising the Gold Coast waterways Afternoon boat cruise on a hire pontoon on the Nerang River Gold Coast Cruising in the canals of Paradise Waters Gold Coast The popular bowrider where you can ride in the bow area BBQ pontoon for hire moored behind the Marriott hotel Surfers Paradise Gold Coast Massive deck area on 12 person BBQ pontoon for hire on the Gold Coast Qld Party Boat Hire Gold Coast 2 Capri boat hire boats for hire Boat Party on Gold Coast hire boat from Capri Happy family on boat for hire on the Gold Coast Capri Boat Hire 0432 55 22 55 Beautiful day for a cruise on a hire boat Having fun on the water on the Gold Coast Family of four enjoying hire boat on Gold Coast canal Half cabin for hire cruising Gold Coast waterways Party pontoon for hire Gold Coast Self drive BBQ pontoon party boat hire Gold Coast Party boat for hire Surfers Paradise Gold Coast Red half cabin cruiser for hire no boat licence necessary BBQ pontoon hire gold coast 12 person maximum capacity BBQ Pontoon and Boat Hire Gold Coast BBQ Pontoon Hire and Boat Hire Gold Coast BBQ Boat Hire Gold Coast Party aboard a Capri Boat Hire BBQ Pontoon and Boat Hire Gold Coast He who is appointed skipper must not drink over the limit and then drive the boat Fish, swim or relax aboard a Capri boat hire party pontoon 12 person maximum capacity Choices to decide aboard the party boat equipped with toilet 3 pirates stand firm on their hire boat Relaxing day out on the water with friends Bow rider boats have a 6 person maximum under hireboat Gold Coast Beautiful yellow bow rider boat for hire seen here on the Nerang River Gold Coast Bow rider showing forward section. The front of a boat is known as the bow. Great fun bow rider boats for hire by Capri Boat Hire Gold Coasts 6 person max hire boat Gold Coast